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Event #1
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Jep Sep 15th, 2023

Today I am excited to announce the the first event to happen on this generation of Narrowband! It is one that you should be familiar with, if you are with us from the original server. 

Server Wide Build Off!

You are tasked with building the most impressive build on the server. This first build off will have **no theme**! That means you can build a castle, the Taj Mahal, a garden or a firetruck, build whatever you feel! As long as you submit your build before the deadline, and follow the rules of the event you submission will be rated! We have had so much fun with these in the past so I decided to bring it back as our first event on this server. Being as this is the first event, I am offering some pretty sweet rewards for the winners, be sure to check those out at the end of the announcement. 


The build off will begin on 9/18 and will conclude on 10/2. All judging will take place between 10/3 - 10/5 and the winners will be announced on 10/6.


- All builds must be submitted before 11:59 pm on 10/2. Any builds submitted after this time will not qualify for judging. 

- You are not allowed to submit any builds started before 9/18. If you submit a build before this time it will not qualify for judging.

- Only 2 players may collaborate on one build. 

- You are only allowed one submission. This means if one player collaborates on more than one build, only one of those builds may be submitted. Please be aware of this.

- You may only submit your own build.

- Your submission must align with the server rules. 

- Defacing anyone else's build in any form will result in you being disqualified from judging.

*Rules are subject to change at ANY time

Rewards for winning

1st Place
- $50 USD
- 250,000 in-game currency.
- Event Winner Discord role.

2nd Place
- MVP In-Game rank
- 100,000 in-game currency.

3rd Place
- 5 Ultimate keys
- 50,000 in-game currency.

As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to open a ticket on our Discord. I am looking forward to what you all create! 

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